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How to Grow Your Email List with an Instagram Giveaway?



Have you ever been trying to know why Instagram is insanely popular social media for building a brand? Why has a massive range of people and businesses trying to boost up their services through social marketing? Instagram has a wide range of markets and allows business to target their market in almost every niche. So why do people spend money as an investment and Buy Instagram followers to improve their visibility?

It enables you to find a specific audience for your brand on Instagram. For a business, an engaging audience plays a vital role in reaching its success. You can acquire their attention and acquire more audience by sending update notifications for off sale for a specific time. In addition, having the customers’ email addresses, you can send them notifications personally and show them your loyalty.

What is Instagram Giveaway?

If you want to make your brand known in the market, you have to start a marketing campaign to generate a massive range of hype. So make a strategy for Instagram Giveaway to promote your brand. As Instagram has tons of users, these can help you target the maximum audience and connect them.

For launching a brand, you must come with a proper strategy and plans to go with. In addition, your product must be appealing, and when starting a campaign, define all of its features to make people know about its significances.

How to Grow Email List with Instagram Giveaway?

As we all know, Instagram is a massive platform with billion of users from all over the world. It has many users, so you can get a number of emails from here to use for your purpose. The most effective way to grow email lists quickly is by hosting an IG giveaway that will work for you. Users of Instagram, whether you are followers or visitors who suddenly appear at your giveaway, will submit their email addresses to enter in the giveaway.

We will show you, by the example of an account, how they are simply able to generate a number of email lists in a very short time. One of the most well-known IG accounts that can generate 41k new email addresses in a single IG giveaway is Coconut bowls. It is an eCommerce store that runs a successful giveaway and can collect thousands of email addresses.

When people usually run IG giveaways, they mostly ask people who join their giveaway to follow them. So it is quite an effective way of increasing the number of followers with the help of IG giveaways. But if you want to increase email address lists, you can ask them for emails and collect them from them.

How to Host a Giveaway to make it Successful? 

Running a giveaway is quite simple, but it needs some attention too. To start a giveaway, just sponsor a prize and allow people to participate using their email addresses. People who take participate in a giveaway choose a winner from them and give them a prize. Running giveaways or any marketing strategy may not always work for you because some techniques and strategies are used to take better results from any marketing strategy.

Some of the effective ways to get better results and make your giveaway successful are written below.

  • Choose a Goal
  • Set a Prize
  • Email Marketing

Choosing a Goal

IG giveaways can generate various results that are good for you and can generate a number of engagements. So, it is much needed that you choose a goal for what purpose you are running this giveaway. For example, when you are using giveaways, set your goal to collect the email addresses of people who will participate in the Giveaway. Some of the most beneficial results generated by giveaways are

  • Helpful for publicity of new brands as well for existing 
  • People can easily discover your brand
  • Boosting Engagements on IG posts
  • Social Proof

If you are just started a new brand or business, then new goals are best for you. Moreover, this can help out to collect data too. Not only that, if you have a very interesting product and content. It will also help to boost IG followers and increase sales. Buy Instagram followers UK can increase the number of followers; also, giveaways are effective for generating followers.

Choosing a Prize

When you sponsor a prize for the winner, it will attract more people to participate in this contest. People love to win things and get on the top. So when you set a prize for the winner, more and more will enter in giveaways, and you can collect their data.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to make engagements during giveaways. As you are collecting more emails by running giveaways and you can also send an email during giveaways. Moreover, then put your website link in giveaways so that people visit your website. Thus, it will increase the number of followers on your profile.

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How to Put Multiple Links in Your Instagram Bio: Tools, Tips, and Tricks



Instagram is an entirely different platform than Facebook; you cannot add links to external URLs to an Instagram post. To make your bio more impactful, all you have to do is add one powerful link.

In order to gain more followers on Instagram, you need a strong bio with a link, and don’t buy uk  Instagram followers. Most businesses include a link to their website in their bio and direct their audiences to their websites, collaborations, campaigns, etc.

Are you given the choice of putting two or more links in the Instagram bio? It’s a simple one-word answer, NO!

Not more than one link in the bio

Instagram has strict rules and regulations regarding external links. People are not allowed to add links in the caption or bio of their posts.

The swipe-up option was introduced on Insta stories and is only available for accounts with more than 10k followers. Buy active Instagram followers uk or check out this post if you would like to take advantage of that feature.

 You can only add links to your websites, blogs, and collaborations in your Instagram bio. The Instagram unwritten rule is that you can only link once. Remember, problems are always solved, so don’t get discouraged by this rule

The solution to Add Multiple Links to BIO

You can make an impactful landing page with the help of an online service called Linktree and others. All websites with bespoke buttons can be added here.

When users click on the URLs in the profile, they will be taken to landing pages on which they will find links to all the websites. All you need to do is add the Linktree page to your Instagram bio.

Do you want to find out what type of tools and applications you can use to solve this URL issue? Those who answered yes, be sure to read on so you can know what you need to do!

There are free and highly affordable versions of this tool or service, as well as premium plans that offer valuable features.

●     SendPulse Landing Panges

It is A powerful yet easy-to-use application that generates bespoke pages with URLs to the best content. The landing page link can be added anywhere, including Instagram.

How about incorporating a Buy Button so that your page can also function as a selling means? Using a drag-and-drop editor, you can begin by selecting a template that comes with your bio link.

 Best of all, it can also be customized according to the profile’s font and colour.

●      Lnk. bio

In addition to being simple, this service for the link is also aesthetically pleasing. It gives you a unique URL for linking all your rescues. Another advantage of is that it offers unlimited choices of links. You probably didn’t know that your Instagram profile can be used to display content and items you like?

Using this service, you and your subscribers can enjoy visual experiences of the highest quality. Rather than installing anything, the tool is accessible via your browser. It has other features that make scheduling more exciting and help you reap the benefits.

Is using a random URL fine? If yes, they won’t charge you anything, but you will have to pay for the custom link. This is a one-time payment of 0.99 dollars or 9.99 dollars per month. What better way to gain buyers than to buy Instagram followers uk cheap?

●      Linktree

So Why not use engaging animation and visual effects to make your link pop? Here’s another source to add multiple URLs to your Instagram bio. Linktree’s best feature is that it allows you to create custom links without any costs, making it the perfect plan for beginners.

With the editor’s drag-and-drop feature, you can design and create URL pages in just a few minutes. Moreover, you can track your performance by hitting a button. It offers all of the stats at your fingertips.

This tool offers two plans to users:

  • a free program that has basic features: Click and view statistics, Unlimited links, etc.
  • Pro plan: Includes customization options, custom buttons, and premium themes.

●      Leadpages

A business can use Leadpages to make mobile-responsive and code-free landing pages to showcase their work. A bio URL page can be transformed into some top-class artwork with this method. You can sell items, etc.

What sets it apart in contrast to its rivals? Conversion-oriented approach, intuitive interface, and toolkit for professional users make the difference. Additionally, it provides the following:

  • A/B splits
  • Conversion tips in real time
  • Dashboards with easy-to-read analytics

Get these tools if you intend to buy real Instagram followers uk.

●     Tap Bio

It allows users to create their own mine-site for their Instagram bio. Compared to other tools in the sector, it is unique due to its similarity to Instagram Stores. This tool allows users to create slides with the same pattern and much more. Besides promoting your CTA, you can now engage a large number of buyers in your service.

Which Instagram link in the bio tool works best for you?

There is a distinction among bio tools in terms of how they work. In addition to providing you with several ways to optimize your Instagram bio link, there is difficulty in narrowing the list down to one or two options.

It is easy to see a couple of similarities among the first three options.


Share multiple links on Instagram bio and get more profits with these nifty tools and tricks. The bio profile on your Instagram account plays a crucial role in attracting followers.  Buy Instagram followers uk is popular among brands, but they do not ignore their account’s bio.

 Depending on your preferences, you may decide how many the number of links you would like to add to the profile. The tools discussed above are sufficient to accomplish your goals.

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How to Search Multiple Hashtags on Instagram



Every day Instagram comes up with new updates and surprises its users. So, they need to follow them religiously to be at the top, especially in the businesses. So because of these changes, Insta is becoming much cleaner, prettier, and of course, user-friendly. It is the social media handle that opens doors to opportunities for both newbies and famous brands. So to be at the top, they buy active instagram followers uk, but besides it, there is another Ace of Insta. You must be wondering what that is. The hashtag games it has changed the entire person of the engagement rate.

Do you know about Instagram Hashtag?

So would you like to learn more about these magic word tags of Insta? The keyword is prefixed by # or has you add to the stories and posts to boost its reach. When many users use the same # at a specific time, it becomes the trend on the Insta.

Why do people use these hashtags? Are they any offer any help to the buyers? The answer is one word, YES it is. People use these hashtags to look for a specific post that has particular tags. For example, if you type any random #, all the posts linked to that tags will appear on the pages. Hence, getting your hands on the right to boost the interaction rate and post visibility is vital.

Today most people use more than one Hashtag to make their posts visible, among others on the install. Suppose you pick the famous # for the chances of multiple people seeing it and getting uk instagram followers. It is why Insta comes up with many search factors where anyone can find the post with perfect hashtags.

What is the need to use # in Insta post?

So it is the most common question that most of you ask but are unable to get the correct answer. As per the studies, the content with hashtags usually get more views and like. The link between the number of likes and the Hashtag on the post helps in the interaction rate. Following are some reason that makes you yo use # :

Get followers: 

It makes you find more users by improving your post visibility on the people Instagram.

Interact with other same interest: 

Hashtags are the best when you use them to find people of similar interests. When you look for a famous #, it will come up with all the content linked with a particular tag.

Help increase interaction rate on the content

The Hashtag will support your raise engagement on the content and raise how people reach you on Insta. It is specifically helpful to bring more followers to the account and stop you to buy instagram followers uk cheap.

How to Look for various Hashtag on your Instagram then to buy instagram likes uk

You must be looking for a quick and straightforward means to search for the perfect hashtags for your post and content. Here is the wick guideline that may help you in this manner.

  1. First, you have to open the search bar of Instagram and type various you would like to use.
  2. Then you can see the choice of searching with search all or search any. Do not forget to use the #, and there must be space between each Hashtag.

What does the term search any means? It shows that hashtags that you type in the bar, all the content having one of those tags will appear in front of you. On the other hand, search all means. The post that seems below will contain all the mentioned hashtags in the search bar. Now you have an idea of how to look for the various hashtags and their content.

You can take it as the AND and OR conditions when learning about the search results. The best thing is that here you can also pick both search choices but not so well. It is because selecting both means SEARCH ANY hashtag typed in the bar.

Now you have an idea of getting your hands on the suitable tags, but there are other means to search the #.

Another means to Search Various Hashtags on Insta

If you cannot search the # via Insta app, do not worry because some third-party monitoring tools are there to help you. You can get Brand24 and look for the hashtags like:

  • Open the application 
  • Click on the item and choose the option Hashtag Search
  • Ne click on sign up or make a new account
  • enter various # that you would like to search
  • choose the language 
  • hit the button create a project
  • After the tool being collecting proper tags for you
  • If you want to see the outcomes, then connect Brand to Facebook or Instagram. 
  • Tap on the activate button mentioned below the Instagram
  • Connect the Facebook/Insta by clicking on the icon like Mange Instagram or Facebook connection
  • Get back to the project, and this app will show all the content with related hashtags.

Wrap it up!

Now you have an idea of how the hashtags are beneficial for your business and help get uk instagram followers. The methods discussed in the blog will help you get suitable hashtags and reach the right audience. These tags and the correct usage will be more views, likes, comments, and followers to your Insta page.

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The Big Marketing Picture 2.0




So you think you know about marketing?

Does it look something like this?

Image Source: Google

Gone too far, hasn’t it?

Well, you certainly don’t need such practices to, you know, perform marketing. But, whenever the possibility of performing arises, a handful of marketing-related rules and laws doesn’t seem so boring.

Okay, a correction. There is only law to be taken care of. Phew.

With this blog, let’s try to understand what marketing is all about, with a promise of making ourselves maybe not perfect, but rather a safe, reliable marketer.

The Law of Marketing.

In terms of a logical definition, marketing refers to activities a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of a product, service, or goods. It is one of the primary components of business management and commerce. The concept of marketing had its roots back in the very first dawn of civilization. But even after going through a hell of a lot of evolution, It couldn’t lift itself from the bottom-line definition of just selling some random product to make money. So let’s do one thing, let’s throw the logical definition out of the paragraph for now and enjoy the rest of the picture.

As mentioned earlier, a safe marketing practice comes with just one simple law. And the law is, the customer is everything. However, there is a whole lot of science that goes into the approach applied. For instance, the way a marketer communicates with his existing customers to make them stay longer as one could be a tricky thing. The customer has indeed come for the product, but it’s certainly not advisable to start communicating via the product itself. As a marketer, your main purpose should be first to build a brand and capture a position in the customers’ minds. Once you do so, your product will sell itself.

When you walk into the room as a brand, you don’t just have a fairly large number of customers, you have great products as well. These products were the result of your communication practices, which were going to find you a brand ambassador if were accepted by the customers. It could be really helpful as word of mouth marketing is the best channel of marketing ever. And while we are on the subject of brand making, a marketing agency will always go hand-in-hand with your source of entrepreneurism. But as long as you are the brains behind the organization, the marketing agency shouldn’t even come close to implement their own techniques of marketing and try to substitute yours. Perhaps it will make a lot more sense if the agency is considering that the esteemed strategies are only the way you want them to be.

Your 1 Crore is here.

Now that you have a product/products and some customers ready with their orders, it’s time to talk money. Let’s just take the revenue of Rs. 1,00,00,000 (Rs. 1 Crore/$10 Million) for the start. I can certainly hear the buzzing of a silent alarm labeled ‘Overwhelming’ going off, but trust me, it’s possible. Let’s find out how with the help of an example.

At the very beginning, a company may not have a lot of products. Instead, there can be a lot of companies providing kind of same product at different prices. An individual customer may or may not be able to go for all of them. But if the companies have decided to make the above-mentioned revenue, they need to find a particular number of customers who are willing to buy their own product irrespective of the pricing.

Let’s consider there are 4 types of the same product within 4 different companies with cost prices of Rs. 100, Rs. 1000, Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 1,00,000 respectively. If all the four want to generate the same revenue, then the idea of the number of customers required while keeping the revenue in mind can be figured out using the following graph distribution:

Thus to make the required revenue, the individual companies need to find a subtle number of customers for the product available within their respective business module. While it can be debated that the above example sounds hypothetical in business manners, it was practically used to give you an idea about the fact that it’s not stupid to think about generating such a huge revenue with only one product. You will take a lot more time than a fairly calibrated company but the revenue is quite achievable.

Traditional vs. Digital Marketing.

Image Source: Google

Number of Indians who watch TV: 800 million to 1 billion.

Number of Indians who listen to the radio (still): close to 65% of the population.

Number of Indians who read the newspaper: approx. 465 million.

The above-mentioned big numbers are actually the number of people who are still an integral part of traditional marketing. Although the numbers could merge into each other (one can watch TV, read the newspaper and listen to the radio at the same time), today’s Indian digital market is apparently not even close.

While the digital revolution in our country started back in the 1990s or something, the traditional methods have been considered mainstream way back from the year 1930 and even further beyond. However, as time went by, the ‘traditionality’ of such marketing techniques started getting hindered. With the involvement of television ads and the corresponding industrialization, the production value of TV ads reached the peak of Everest, and that too after a pretty long execution time and with absolute silence when it comes to measuring their efficiency. The high expenses and the low rate of audience involvement were again undesirable but happening. Most of all, traditional marketing doesn’t have that much power to go beyond the subcontinent of India. You cannot expect someone distributing your local newspaper on a stand in Manhattan or New York.

In no way you should take the above explanation as somewhat of a ditching of the traditional marketing techniques. Instead, the idea is to help you understand why digital marketing techniques are now required to walk neck-to-neck with the traditional techniques. For instance, digital techniques such as online ads, affiliates, E-mail marketing are considered as primary sources for direct-response marketing. These online ads are particularly designed to elicit an instant response by encouraging prospects to take a specific action. Above all, if you are willing to have international customers for your business, it’s finally time to go digital. With the help of a dedicated website or a blog, you can have your product value going global as soon as you have an integrated marketing plan which looks something like this:

This network is actually the right way to implement and process an online business. Always remember to consider each component of the above network at the same time. One of the biggest mistakes that a digital marketer makes is to only take one of the above-mentioned techniques as valuable. Clearly, all the visible techniques are interdependent and help in creating front and back results for their respective corresponding techniques.

Well, it’s not like you are being asked to turn completely digital, but it’s good to know that when it comes to business you have options. Also as an Indian marketer, you need to consider both the Indian as well as the global market. That’s because your market is now a node in the absolutely messed network of the markets of the other parts of the world. And with your digital entrepreneurism finally working, it has become hard for someone to find you within this mess. Not for your customers btw, but for someone whose business is still in the newspapers.

The CATT Marketing Funnel and Framework.

CATT stands for Content, Attention, Trust, and Transaction. While a traditional marketing funnel is designed and distributed in various stages through which a customer goes, this funnel is meant to have almost the same meaning while taking things digitally. Let’s have a look at how to approach the stages of the funnel one by one as a business owner.

  1. To create content, you first need to have a niche of your selection. for you have finally decided to have a niche, its time to combine the three attributes of niche selection. These are talent, passion and market.

Without even one of them, there is no point in going on with your niche as there will be no results. And by results, I mean wealth (that’s why you’ve started your business, haven’t you?). So, always keep in mind the above considerations as the wealth you wished for is related to your niche in the following manner:

Wealth: n^CATT

All right, moving to Content.

2. Now that you have decided your niche, let’s create, well a lot of content, shall we? Your entire dedication should get reflected in the content quality that you are working on. Whatever product or service your content is based on, the former should stand out in every possible manner.

3. When you are creating such good levels of content, they deserve some attention, don’t you think? So, now you can turn to SEOs, social media paid ads, and referrals to let people come to you to make sure you follow your duty as an online businessman.

4. Once you drive attention, your audience will stay as long as they are trusting you. To make sure that happens profitably, feel free to consider assets like trip wires, marketing automation, and retargeting. Because, If they trust, they stay, for as much as you want them to.

5. Congratulations, you are almost there. You found your niche, you created profitable content and with the help of it, you were able to make people attentive towards it and gain their trust. Now, it’s time to talk money. Turn your mind to fully focus on your transactions. Convert your leads into customers with natural sales methods.

All right, time to end the picture. I hope you would have understood the entire marketing procedure without any ‘bounce rate’ (see what I did there….). To sum up, here is a famous saying about marketers:

“A true marketer never sleeps, because he has to help to sell beds.”

Okay, that joke would have killed the furniture companies.


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