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The Reasons Why Mercedes Benz Sprinter Limo So Popular




The automotive industry has always been involved in designing and developing vehicles that deliver the best luxury and comfort to people. The interior and exterior design of vehicles continue to evolve with the rapid integration of modern technology. 

There was a time when trucks and big family-sized cruisers dominated the market, but now we get to see compact crossovers and SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles). When it comes to delivering premium comfort and luxury to many passengers, then ‘sprinter vans’ are the best option. 

What makes the Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans different? 

One name that stands out is the ‘Mercedes Benz,’ known as a symbol of quality and luxury. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter van is an award-winning light commercial vehicle and is regarded as the undisputed king when it comes to passenger and cargo vans. 

The first model of Mercedes Benz Sprinter van was initially launched in the European market in 1995 and voted ‘International Van of the Year.’ Mercedes introduced the sprinter van in the US in 2001, but the vehicle was sold under the Mercedes brand name and until 2003, after which the vehicle came under the Dodge brand. 

The production and delivery of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter van in North America were managed by Daimler Chrysler Vans LLC until 2004, after which Chrysler Commercial Vehicle Division. Although today, the sprinter vans are marketed by ‘Mercedes Benz.’ 

The second model of Mercedes Benz Sprinter van came in Europe in 2006 and is also known as ‘New Concept Van 3’ and garnered quite a following. The 2006 Mercedes Benz Sprinter van was awarded Van of the Year in 2007 and 2008 by Professional Van and Light Truck Magazine. 

The second generation of Mercedes Benz Sprinter van was launched in the US in 2007 and featured 

  • Two wheelbase options, namely the 144 inches and 170 inch
  • Three versions short, standard, and extended
  • Two roof heights such as standard and high
  • Two weight classes, 2500 and 3500

What is Mercedes Benz Sprinter Limo? 

The purpose of the Mercedes Benz sprinter van is to provide maximum cargo space and the ability to transport nearly 15 or 18 passengers at once. However, the Mercedes Benz sprinter limo was also developed and marketed as a ‘Private Jet’ on wheels due to its elegance and world-class features only previously available in limo-style sedans and trucks. 

The Mercedes Benz sprinter limo can accommodate 10 to 14 passengers, and it also offers large luggage space. The sprinter limo offers all the luxuries and amenities that a person gets on a traditional limo, such as 

  • Sony Audio System with Bluetooth
  • 32-inch video screens
  • Wood-style flooring
  • Maybach ceiling
  • Large power coolers
  • Plush and premier leather seating
  • Driver privacy divider and privacy shades
  • The LED color change lighting system
  • USB ports and charging outlets

The Mercedes Benz sprinter limo has a stylish sliding door through which a person can enter and exit the vehicle. The Sprinter limo is custom built and offers the best when traveling in a limo for a party or corporate events. 

Reasons to buy Mercedes Benz Sprinter Limo

Many fleet management companies offer Mercedes sprinter vans for sale in California that may be used as 

  • Exclusive party style limousine
  • Executive shuttle buses
  • Lavish tour buses

The Mercedes Benz sprinter vans are best for big business companies who like to have a suitable vehicle that can carry a group of people who need to travel for different events. The Mercedes Benz sprinter limo is unrivaled when it comes to performance, comfort, style, and luxury. 

Suppose you are a business entrepreneur whose startup company is achieving consistent success and building up revenue. In that case, you should think about getting a Mercedes Benz sprinter limo that will be useful when taking out the team for dinner parties or doing some recreational activity. 

The Mercedes Benz sprinter limo provides a certain level of style, comfort, luxury, and fun that is not even seen in any other sprinter van or limo style sedans, for that matter. 

The Mercedes Benz sprinter limo is best for airport transportation, family reunions, expedition trips, sightseeing tours, corporate events, country wine tours, and weddings. The impressive features of the Mercedes Benz sprinter limo include

  • 2 Liter 4 cylinder engine with 208 hp (horsepower)
  • Fuel efficient and gives 22 mpg (miles per gallon)
  • Available in a passenger van and cargo van configurations
  • Compact and agile even in the narrow streets
  • Automatic climate control 
  • Blind spot monitor
  • 360 camera that helps to reverse and park the big van
  • Lane attention assist that helps to monitor driving patterns and alert the driver

The Mercedes Benz sprinter limo provides more space than a conventional van and more luxury than an average sedan. Depending on your business, you may be in need of an affordable yet luxurious vehicle that can satisfy all your requirements, from transportation needs to deliveries. 


With an impeccable interior space offering wide amenities, the Mercedes Benz sprinter limo is best if you are looking for reliable and luxury travel. Once you have bought the Mercedes Benz sprinter limo, then you can even further customize the van on your own. 

The Mercedes Benz sprinter limo is usually bought by hotels so that business clients and customers can be offered comfortable transportation to and from the airport. The limo van is driven by a chauffeur who is usually trained and skilled to drive a sprinter van. 

A fleet management company offers a wide range of vehicles from Mercedes Benz sprinter limo van to SUV limo and coach bus. From a business perspective, having a luxury sprinter limo means making a good impression on the business clients and potential customers. The sprinter limos are spacious, comfortable, and fitted with all the modern equipment and mobile connectivity.

The sprinter limo can be used to carry the employees and managers to off-site meetings. The sprinter vans help cut fuel costs considerably as all the employees will ride together on the van instead of individual vehicles. 

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The Indian Taboo : Mental Illness



Mental illness is often refered to as a taboo.

“Were you scared ? Why ?”

  • My thought when I first learnt of Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide.

I’ve never had the patience for movies, except for the ones from Marvel Studios. This lockdown found me seated in front of the television for hours on end. I happened to see all these old movies from the time of my parents. Also movies from the time my childhood. And one day … that’s when I realised a name – his – existed in Bollywood.The mental illness lead him to death.

Yes, Sushant Singh Rajput.

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Honestly, I couldn’t stop noticing how handsome he looked – typical girl behaviour – but what caught my attention was his acting. Too good.
I felt a little jealous of the woman who would marry him in the future.
And now …

Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide has most of us shaken to the core. ‘Why ?’ is the question. Sure, he was good looking, highly accomplished and famous; I could go on. And yet, he still took his life. I bet most of us did not understand this part of it. He had it all, didn’t he ? So, why did he do what he did ?

The answer is simple, but oblivious to us.

The answer is – a mental illness doesn’t give – sorry – a shit to what you have. You could have everything under the sun and still feel empty.
Scary, isn’t it ?

It’s true.
A mental illness would never care about what you have. Instead, it takes away everything from you, leaving you a hollow shell of your former self. A mental illness is more dangerous than we think it to be. So why is it that we don’t pay attention to it ?

Because, here in, India, what you can’t see with your eyes, does not exist. And this is applicable to mental illnesses as well.

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Mental illnesses are seen as taboos in the country. Anyone who dares to admit the fact they could be ill are immediately branded with one term – insane. In a simpler way – mad.
Even if one openly talks about it, they get pushed away, labelled as ‘toxic’ or ‘negative’. We – the people – as a whole, fail the ones who need help and in turn, keep the others from speaking out and asking for the help they desperately need.
We all hate to be blamed, but this is to be blamed on us.

It’s higher than the high time we need to talk about mental illnesses and the consequences. However, the taboos are deep rooted in us that no matter how accomplished we are, the moment we hear someone talk about a mental illness, 99% of people immediately take to insanity and weak wills. To the average Indian, a mental illness is abstract – it doesn’t exist !

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Here’s a scenario to understand a mental illness better. The best way to tear apart a country is to make the citizens fight amongst themselves, i.e, an internal issue. The same way, a mental illness, tears the individual down from within.

Hashtags about depression and mental illnesses have been trending since Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. And that’s the sad part.
Did it really take a celebrity’s suicide for us to talk about this when it should be discussed every single day ?
Mental illness should be the talk of everyday – celebrity suicide or not. What we brush off as feeling numb or burned out due to too much stress could be a mental illness hiding in there somewhere.

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Let’s normalise THE talk.
Let’s normalise the fact mental illnesses do exist.
Let’s normalise the fact mental illnesses are real.
Let’s not fail our fellow humans, regardless of their status.

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