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The Value of Online Business Directories in Digital Marketing Strategy




There was a time when business listings on directories were the primary source of knowledge about a business company and its products and services. Two decades ago, the traditional means of knowing about a business was grabbing yellow pages where companies used to be listed according to category and type.

However, the advancement in internet technology led to the widespread use of online marketing strategy and complete new phenomena of ‘digital marketing’ that involved numerous activities in promoting a business with online and digital media.

With people spending most of their time online and on their mobile screens, advertising online is a lot better and more profitable than traditional means of promoting products and services to potential customers. 

What is an Online Business Directory?

According to a category, a business directory is an online or digital version of yellow pages that enlist the business companies. The name of the company is most linked with its corresponding website. An online business directory allows users or customers to search business companies and their products and services mostly located within their area. 

The top online business directories in UK provide certain details about a business company that includes names, contact details, addresses, products, and services. The businesses are displayed mostly by location, size, and activity. 

For a business company, the most crucial thing is to ensure that the online directory’s information is up to date and there is no missing information as it will make potential customers look for other options available to them. 

The established brands are already popular among the population, and implementing a few digital marketing techniques can ensure that their business remains up and running and generates substantial revenue. An online business directory may be the ideal solution for small-sized business companies and startups to make an impression on potential customers.

Today, people have access to every information and service at their fingertips, thanks to smartphones and fast internet connectivity. Online directories allow companies to portray their products and services to a larger audience in a cost-effective manner without compromising their marketing budget. 

Use of Online Directory from Business Owner and Customer Perspective

If you are running an auto repair shop or hair salon, an online directory can help you increase your business and customer base. The purpose of business listing is to allow a customer to search, locate, contact, and deal with a business company due to fulfilling a particular need or want. 

The features and options of online directories may vary one from the other, but the basic purpose remains the same. As a customer, the need to connect or browse through an online directory is

  • Search businesses

As a customer, you can search the online business directory by location or specialty. It is also easy to search by writing specific keywords and finding top-rated members.

  • Compare business companies

While searching for local businesses, you need to read through online reviews, compare quotes, and click on website links to examine the products or services and whether it matches your requirement or not.

  • Connect with a particular company

Once you have picked up potential companies that can assist you or help you, you can contact and get more information. You can directly call, send an email, fill an online inquiry form, or chat with online support staff. 

Most startups and small business companies might not be aware of the rewards of online listings on a directory. The more online directories list a business company, the more its chances to reap benefits. As a small business owner, the need to use an online directory is

  • Easily list business ads

You can list your business or services without much hassle. You can display the listing for items for sale or certain services and connect with potential local buyers. 

  • Cost-effective 

The online ads and classifieds you want to display are mostly free on most online business directories. Once your business is listed, it is easier to connect with local people in need of a particular product or service. 

  • Connect with a local audience

The online directories allow a customer to get suitable options within his local area that increase the chances of local businesses to make a sale or deliver their services and get the monetary return. 

Why the emphasis on Online Business Listing

Online business directories are ideal for B2C (Business to Consumer) and B2B (Business to Business). The business listing can help your company get a strong online presence and massive coverage on multiple search engines. 

According to recent studies, nearly 80% of users conduct an online search for reviewing a particular business company and the products or services it offers. If your company’s listing attracts a customer, then the first action would be opening the website, browsing the available options, and making a decision. 

Online business directories have become the prime source of information for most consumers and even business owners when doing supplier research. When a customer reaches out to a business directory, it means that he/she is looking for a local provider for a certain product or service. 

Moreover, the ratings and reviews displayed on the online directory will further add social clout and influence the user to make an informed decision. Local business listing on an online directory is crucial for a startup company to establish business and build credibility among the local audience. 

The Options available on Online Business Directory

The business directory is an open-source that allows wide coverage and brand visibility that may not be possible by spending hundreds of thousands on marketing and promotional activities. The online business directories have 2 or 3 options that allow a business company to display the listing. The three options are usually labeled as ‘Starter,’ ‘Pro,’ and ‘Elite’ and differ in price and available features. 

For example, at the Starter or Beginner level, you can get third position results on search engines and display websites, contact details, reviews, social media links, and exposure with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) articles for free. 

In the Pro and Elite option, you get all the basic features and significant value-added features that may include second or first position results, online ad campaigns, guaranteed website traffic, featured listings, and unlimited use of keywords and phrases. 

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7 Amazing Ways Virtual Recruitment Will Supercharge Your Hiring Outcomes



Virtual Recruitment is the most innovative form of hiring individuals for a job. In the post-pandemic era, life is increasingly thriving in virtual space. Every aspect of a person’s life revolves around the virtual cosmos. These changes have their reflection on our job experiences too.

Our workspaces and job ecosystems are now in tune with the changes in the digital sphere. The various recruitment processes, selection, interviewing, and onboarding occur in the virtual world. This shift in recruitment has had tremendous impacts on hiring outcomes.

We will examine the benefits of virtual recruitment for modern-day jobs and its impact on hiring outcomes.

A person applying for a job using virtual recruitment.

7 Benefits of Virtual Recruitment

Virtual recruitment has many benefits for the recruiter as well as the candidates. Let us examine the seven benefits of virtual recruitment here.

Identifying the Right Candidate

Hiring someone with the right skill sets is no longer a humongous task. Recruiters can get hold of a talent pool without bothering about any geographical or physical limitations. Virtual recruiters can use online databases and artificial intelligence to select a candidate. Thus the quality of the employees selected increases. Virtual recruitment also widens the scope and outreach of the company and enhances its global presence.

Cost-effective Recruitment Processes

Statistics show that Indian companies spend about Rs 25000 for recruiting a single candidate. Virtual recruitment can significantly reduce this cost. There are many tools for assessment and scheduling processes that serve the purpose of the recruiters cost-effectively. Project management tools like Hired, Homebase, Freshteam, SmartStart and the like are one-stop solutions for companies to post job openings, track the status of the applicants, and onboard new employees. Thus companies can save money by using virtual recruitment processes.

Improved Candidate Experience

Virtual recruitment offers a positive experience for the candidate. It takes place in a hassle-free environment. The candidate can take part in assessment tests and interviews in the comfort of their home or any other familiar environment. The stress and anxiety related to job interviews and assessment tests are on the lower side for candidates facing virtual recruitment processes. Thus the performance of the candidate increases significantly. It also helps the recruiter to assess the skills of the candidate in a better way.

Effective Ways for Communication

Virtual recruitment provides the right tools for communication between the recruiter and the candidate. Communication is no longer a time-consuming task. Many software applications are available to schedule emails and messages to be sent to the candidates. Recruiters can also compile the answers to a set of frequently asked questions to answer the common queries of the candidates. These software applications also have specialized tools to keep track of the timelines and progress made by the candidate in the recruitment process. Thus it is possible to eliminate any communication gaps or miscommunication during virtual recruitment processes.

Reduced Need for In-person Meetings

In traditional recruitment processes, the candidate has to travel to the company office for assessment tests, interviews, and onboarding. In-person meetings were inevitable then. It was difficult for the candidates if the recruiting company’s office location was in another city. Virtual recruitment is free of such hassles. Thus the candidate can concentrate on enhancing their skills rather than focusing on other trivial matters.

Standardized Recruitment and Onboarding Processes

Most companies and recruiters use standardized tools and techniques for virtual recruitment. The hiring software used by the various companies is more or less the same. Therefore the candidates get to experience a more standardized recruitment process. As for the recruiters, virtual recruitment enables them to use time-tested methods and proven strategies. They can use automation and artificial intelligence to improve the quality of the recruits as well as the entire process of recruitment. Such technologies also help to remove inconsistencies in the recruitment process.

Automated Feedback Mechanisms

 In virtual recruitment, it is easy for the recruiter to collect the candidate’s feedback regarding the whole recruitment process. The recruiter can send out feedback forms and surveys to the candidates and receive feedback with the help of artificial intelligence technologies. There are customized emails and message templates readily available to inform the candidates about further procedures. It is helpful for both the recruiters and the candidates. The recruiter gets time to focus on other tasks, and the candidate gets to experience a smooth recruitment experience.


In this article, we saw the various benefits of virtual recruitment processes and how it enhances hiring outcomes. Companies are in pursuit to leverage the outcomes of virtual recruitment. The future is bright for online recruitment processes and this trend is here to stay. 


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The Increasing Demand of Mobile Applications




With each passing day, new technological advances are being introduced that are making our way of living a whole lot easier. With the rise in the use of mobile phones, developers are now coming up with different mobile applications making it easier for us to carry out our daily activities. The use of these mobile apps is limitless as you will find a handy tool to manage every other task that you come across.

Whether it is online shopping or using making friends on social media, ridesharing or food delivery at your home, entertainment through games or music, you will find apps for a long list of things. It won’t be wrong to say that our day is incomplete without the use of mobile applications, don’t you think? Well, this read is all about those areas where there is a prominent use of mobile applications and how demanding it is. Just dive in!

Social Media Applications

It is the most used and quite popular mobile app that has gained the attention of a huge number of audiences all around the world. Social media apps are now available to every other you’ll come across. It has become a necessity or a compulsory element of spending the day. Today, social media apps are no more limited to its primary goal, which is to foster communication between people from different parts of the world.

 Although the apps are being used to communicate, make friends, chat, share videos and photos, go live and much more but it now has become a major productive platform for businesses to engage a large pool of audience. As everybody’s using social media, this has made it the most beneficial spot to gather followers. Businesses are targeting social media apps to gather an audience, interact with them, provide them better customer support, encourage them to make a purchase and ultimately boost sales.

Gaming Applications

The gaming applications are stepping into the new technological advances where the gamers are provided the best gaming experience ever. Coupled with the modern tech of virtual reality and augmented reality, the gamers could now enjoy a wholly unique and amazing experience if being present in the virtual world and playing as if they are actually there.

 Also, the simple and user-friendly interfaces of these gaming applications have attracted gamers to download and play a considerable time on their mobile phones. In this regard, a game app development companymakes sure that the gaming app is not only developed simply but is also equipped with high quality graphics to enhance the user experience. People from all age groups enjoy playing games as there is a whole lot of variety from action games to simple cooking games.

Ridesharing Applications

Whenever you want to travel locally, what is your best suitable option to go for? I guess you too might be using ridesharing apps. If you aren’t, it’s time to use it now. These ridesharing apps or we could say taxi booking apps have made our local travelling quite serene and hassle-free. Anytime you want to travel to a destination, just book a ride and there you go.

 A driver will confirm your ride and will reach your spot from the nearest location to pick you. The best part about these apps is, you could easily share your ride with your family or friends to ensure a sense of security. Moreover, these apps allow cashless payments methods such as credit or debit card or even PayPal.

Other Applications

These were not all; there are various other mobile apps that are commonly used by people in their daily lives. Take the example of food delivery apps. These apps have made our cooking process easier; you don’t necessarily need to cook in order to fill your tummy. All of your sudden cravings are satisfied through the food delivery app.

Apart from that, you’ll come across the number of fitness and health related apps to guide you follow a healthy routine. You could even relax via a music app where you could listen to your favorite songs and have the best time. There is no doubt that these mobile apps will further see innovations to make our living as serene as possible.

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Top 7 Reasons To Create A Mobile Application For Business In 2021




It is no longer enough to just have a website to run an organization. To keep up with the times, you need a mobile application that allows your clients to do their online purchases using their smartphones. The field of online sales has long gone beyond desktop computers. Mobile traffic of online stores is increasing every day. At the same time, online buyers prefer to use mobile applications, rather than e-commerce sites. This makes a mobile application so important for any business. Let’s discuss more about mobile application and its importance in detail:

A mobile application increases sales of a company as it works as a means of retaining and attracting customers according to The Tiny Tech. After the uprising of the internet, the age of mobile technology came. It is the time where people use new effective tools that literally changed this world into a digital zone along with mobile devices. So what can mobile applications do for businesses?

Increase in sales

Most of the entrepreneurs and businessmen use promotions and special offers to make the customers buy from them. If you use geographic location to communicate with nearby customers, you can use push notifications to communicate directly with all users of the app so they are conscious of potential special offers. Customers can also choose to use mobile payment technology for mobile payments when using apps. It can also increase loyalty by creating automatic loyalty points for each purchase that further increasing purchase motivation, thereby increasing sales.

Mobile application as a marketing channel

The mobile applications bring to you several functions. They can provide general information, prices, search functions, user accounts, news, etc. One of the biggest advantages of mobile apps is that all the information you want to deliver to your customers is always at their fingertips. You can interact directly, and when necessary, you can easily alert the customers of your new products and services with push notifications.

Increase in customer loyalty

A fast and easy-to-use application works for loyalty by itself. There are many ways to work with loyalty using mobile applications. You can develop a special program for authorized users with bonuses, discounts, personal offers, add additional useful functionality to the application, for which users will thank you, or simply make life easier for customers by reducing the time and labor costs for solving any problem. As long as your mobile app eases your customer’s life, they most probably going to rely on your app in future and expect even more.

Apps are more interactive

Mobile applications inspire smartphone users to share links to pages they like, or ask friends to share ideas for specific products or services through social media. This marketing channel is one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to promote services. Each loyal customer who owns your mobile app will automatically become a real platform to promote your online store on social media, such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. People admire what is special. Provide special offers for your app installers and they will be pleased to share some links to your site.

Furthermore, you may be wondering how to create app like Instagram and maybe that’s the main reason you are here. Creating a mobile application is a bit complex task and requires professional approach. Hiring experts for such a task would help you a lot. And in order to hire an expert, it is highly recommended to perform a thorough research on the internet to opt for the finest and most experienced app developer who can help you get what you’ve dreamed of.

Increase in conversion rate

There is no doubt to say that an e-commerce application increases conversion rate. This increases sales and profits. Your customers want a hassle-free shopping experience and easy payment methods. Any of these goals can lead to higher conversion rates, and you can effectively achieve these goals. You can also add mobile smart wallets and other simple payment methods into your e-commerce application to streamline the payment process. In addition, your current mobile commerce applications may change as market trends change and customer expectations change.

Modernity and innovation

A mobile application is a sign that a company can adapt to the latest trends – a certain plus to the image. This is another way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Some companies use traditional methods of promotion and contact with customers. Offer your customers a modern and straightforward communication channel by using a mobile app. Technologies have recently reached a level where buying from a mobile device has become as convenient as from a computer. Be faster than competitors, create your own mobile application and use all its capabilities to the fullest.

Enhance the efficiency of shopping experience

Mobile applications can automate various processes and improve team productivity. Although the development of a mobile application can be expensive, over time it will achieve a higher return on investment. You can optimize various business processes, including applications that can attract more customers, and your team can effectively manage orders. As a result, your income will greatly increase.

How much does it cost to create an app for my business?

It may be difficult to determine how much it will cost to build the application. After all, the price is largely affected by the service time, the number of features that may be integrated, the actions that users can perform on the mobile app, and the long-term support you expect from the company’s software development. Usually, companies charge between $200,000 and $350,000 for multifunctional mobile applications. Don’t get amazed with the price here. The benefits of having a mobile is much higher than that.


Most companies plan to increase investment in mobile applications. If you don’t do this, you are likely to fall behind your competitors. Mobile apps may not save your business, but this is the only way to consolidate your position in the industry. It is not an abstract brand concept. Developing a mobile app which fills the holes in other businesses’ marketing can effectively help your company to achieve your business goals.

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