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How Can I Be A Mental Health Ally



Recently, in our country, Mental Health attracted a lot of attraction. But, like with every other fad the focus shifted just as quickly. This attitude needs to change. Mental health is much more than a mere social media trend, and I’m sure we all know that. So let’s talk about something else now. Yes, I’m shifting the focus. But, not entirely. I want to talk about how we can help our friends with mental health problems. About how you and I can be better allies to our loved ones.

1/5 of the Indian population encounters mental health issues at some point in their life. It’s extremely possible that 1 out of every 5 people you engage with in your day to day life is struggling with a mental health problem.

In case you do not know already, there are multiple factors that contribute to mental health disorders. Some of these factors are genetics, chemical imbalances, certain life events, society, etc. Let’s focus on society, the one thing you an I can change. Since mental health is also a social problem, we can make the ride easier for the ones that are suffering by creating a warmer and more welcoming society for them to live in.

So, how can you help? By being a good ally.

What is an ally?

An ally (in this case, a mental health ally) is a person who supports their friends or family members through their journey. If your friends or family members confide in you about their struggles, it is important that you are equipped to help them and to not drain yourself in the process.

How can I be a good ally?

A social media status saying “DM me if you need to talk” or opening up a conversation regarding mental health with your friends is a very good gesture. But, you have to consider a lot of things before you put up that post.

First of all, are you ready to listen?

Mental health patients do not open up about their troubles to someone unless they trust the person. So if someone is willing to talk to you about their problems, it means they believe you. If you are 100% sure that you can handle listening to them (however long it may take) talk about their problems, go ahead.

Don’t provide advice unless you are asked to. Providing solutions/advice is the job of a therapist. You might have the best intentions while providing solutions to your friends, but it might complicate their situation further.

Ask questions. Ask the person how you can help them. Educate yourself on the particular disorder that your friend is going through and empathize. Fair warning: don’t try to impose your learnings and internet therapy on the person, know your boundaries.

When you listen, be sure you listen without any judgement or passing comments. Refrain from making jokes at the expense of the other person’s misery. Read the room and act accordingly if you feel the need to lighten the mood.

Don’t push for details. Respect the person’s privacy and move on from the topic if they are hesitant to share.

Watch your language. This one is very very important. Make sure you don’t use words like ‘mental’, ‘crazy’, ‘retard’ and so many other colloquial terms that have been popularized and normalised by media. Sometimes, these words sting and you never know when. So it’s better to avoid using them.

Dragging on the last point, make sure you are aware of what the other person’s triggers are and actively make sure to avoid mentioning them. Especially for anxiety and PTSD patients.

All this said, posting “DM me if you need to talk”, while it is a sweet welcoming gesture from your part may look like a trap to a person who is going through mental health problems. So it would be ideal for you to avoid it altogether.

How else do I let my friends know I’m here for them?

Be considerate

Let your friends and loved ones know that you are there for them. Don’t take them or their feelings for granted.

Pick up the signs

If a friend, classmate, co-worker or family member starts behaving unusually, talk to them and find out what’s wrong. Let them know they are not alone.

Don’t judge

Avoid being judgemental. Make sure that the people you care about know that they can approach you for any help and that you won’t judge them.

Be sensitive, and a good ally

Always read the room before you talk and make sure you don’t hurt anyone’s sentiments. There is nothing wrong with holding back your opinions or changing them when you realise they’re insensitive.


These are just some pointers on how you can become a better ally to those around you. I’ve gathered most of these from my own experiences and stories of my friends’ experiences.

While it is important to be good to others, it’s even more important to be good to yourself. So, make sure you take care of yourself and don’t drain yourself trying to help people around you.

Psychological disorders are just as valid as any other illnesses. Saying “don’t be depressed” to a person with clinical depression is the same as saying “just start walking” to a person with a broken leg. It does not work. Mental health illnesses do not go away on their own. Make sure you get the right help. Be it for yourself or the people around you.

Let’s kill the stigma and keep this conversation alive.

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How can CRM Integration make you save time?



In this blog, read how CRM Integration can make your work readily
First of all, let’s start with understanding what CRM is!

What’s CRM?
Client Relationship Management( CRM) is a term pertaining to the operation of client connections. CRMs are software platforms that allow you to develop and maintain client connections across colorful channels, including relations. CRM integration is integrating CRM technologies with unconnected systems to ameliorate CRM performance.

client relationship operation, or CRM,

is the process of keeping track of your guests’ deals, marketing, client care, and general business data. CRM software is a collection of deals, marketing, and client care operations.
How does CRM work?

CRM software combines data from multiple departments inside a company, similar as deals, marketing,

finance, and client service, into a single system that

can be penetrated from any web-enabled device.CRM also allows druggies to take action across departments and functions within a business,

allowing all brigades to work together to ameliorate the client experience.CRM is getting decreasingly important in everyday

business operations as enterprises learn to use CRM results for tasks similar as a supereminent generation,

website personalization, marketing robotization, deals soothsaying, and account operation.

After knowing what exactly a CRM is, now let’s see what CRM Integration means-
What’s CRM integration?
Integrating CRM into other systems, including dispatch, account,

manufacturing operation, or force operation tools, is known as CRM integration.
CRM integration has several significant advantages for business success.

By consolidating all data and operations into a single position and platform,

integrated CRMs can boost organizational productivity and effectiveness.CRM integration also improves the client experience because the

unified CRM software may act as a central center for all client information, from the original commerce to the most recent sale.

In moment’s world, exemplifications of CRM integration may be seen each over. CRM integration in banking, for illustration, ensures that consumers admit real-time announcements when their credit cards or checking accounts are streamlined. CRM interfaces in-commerce businesses

give that when a client leaves a bad product review, the business possessors or directors are automatically notified.

Different ways that you can integrate your business results with CRM-
There are colorful ways to integrate your business with CRM so that you can take advantage and increase your profit-
Dispatch Integration
CRM dispatch integration is a quick and easy approach for business possessors to

integrate CRM data in their dispatch marketing juggernauts. CRM druggies can use this integration to import client records from the CRM into dispatch templates and acclimate CRM data grounded on client

responses to dispatch juggernauts and newsletters.
CRM dispatch connectivity also allows CRM druggies to design targeted marketing for particular groups( parts) of guests using the CRM’s most recent client data.
timetable Integration
CRM timetable integration enables business possessors and directors to increase profit by planning and executing client

commerce enterprise more effectively and making better-informed opinions about events and movables.
Timetable events, movables, and trip dates can all be penetrated from one platform,

making this an important and protean option. CRM druggies can use the timetable to plan and organize

their day-to-day conditioning and manage client engagements. Deals directors, marketing experts, small business possessors,

entrepreneurs, scholars, freelancers, and others constantly use this integration.
Social media Integration Call Management System
Integrating your CRM with social media channels is a important system to

engage with your consumers and make lasting connections. CRM-social media integration is coinciding CRM data with client social media updates to more understand how guests interact with your website, landing runners, and social posts.
CRM data quality is bettered by integrating social media platforms with CRMs. CRM integration with social media channels can prop in the development of a more accurate and

complete profile of a client’s purchase history, product interests, demographics, particular rates and preferences, online hunt and shopping habits, and so on.
Marketing robotization Integration
This integration is essential as it helps in keeping track of all client information in one position. Suppose you have a CRM

system and an dispatch marketing tool, for illustration. In that case, once you’ve set up this CRM integration,

your CRM will be suitable to notify your dispatch service provider if someone has unsubscribed from any of your emails;

they are not delivered presently.
Some CRM systems include marketing robotization factors that exclude the need for a third- party operation, while others bear

third-party apps or external interfaces to use this point completely.
Why is CRM integration so important?CRM software merchandisers are constantly expanding the number of ways CRMs can be used in the plant. You may automate repetitious processes

like streamlining data and transferring emails with CRM process integration. CRM process integration also implies that your CRM is not bound

to a office or computer and can be penetrated from anywhere.

With this we’re at the end of our blog, some parting words
CRM integration is critical for any association, no matter how little.
Depending on the stoner’s part,

CRMs range from more open to those with defined access and warrants. Chancing a CRM that handles it all or incorporating different systems and

using them with data sync are both feasible options for CRM integration.

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5 Reasons Why the Term “Gifted” Should Be Banned by Influencers



Hey! Are you an Instagram aficionado who is on the lookout for a strange hidden secret about these unusual social media handles? Secrets such as your favorite influencers or your company may be able to gain Instagram followers by paying a few dollars. But there’s one more term that creatives avoid using and have to toss out: GIFTED! Is this something you’ve never done before? Of course, the majority of beginner content providers on social media platforms are completely unaware of this. So, are you ready to discover everything there is to know about it? If that’s the case, then buckle in, get a cup of coffee, and start reading.

What do you mean when you say GIFTED is pronounced with a few alphabets?

Influencers typically use this term to describe something they get from a company’s public relations team. If you’re new to Instagram and want to collaborate with a company, read this carefully. It demonstrates that the inventor did not receive any compensation and instead received merely the product. Influencers are occasionally required to post about an item they get, but they do not always do so.

Here’s a tip for all the influencers out there who want to work better at the n. Many influencers utilize this term, however, it’s not a good idea to do so. Do you realize that the term “gifts” is a major concern among brands on Instagram? They’re giving your stuff out for free in exchange for a review and to inform your followers about it. So not everything is as simple as buying Instagram followers in the United Kingdom. The world of Insat is not as simple as it appears. You must be conscious of the current trend as well as the word choice.

Remember that the PR staff would never offer them a gift or a present to make them happy; these items are used as remuneration. They will accept a review even if there is no law or regulation; it may be a good one. The top five reasons why you shouldn’t use the term GIFTED in your Instagram handle are listed below. It’s time to get rid of the word “gifted” from your dictionary.

1. The term “gifted” is not approved by the ASA.

The ASA does not recognize the phrase GIFTS, so creators and influencers must refrain from using it. But who are they, exactly? The Advertising Standards Authority and the Independent Advertising Regulator of the United Kingdom are both interested in influencer marketing on social media via buzzoid.

In 2020, ASA clarified the framework for understanding the norms and regulations of the social media material. According to the ASA, phrases like advertising, advert, or ad are sufficient to shape the payment behind the item, and firms have some control over the content.

As a result, they clearly state that the phrase “gifts” is deceptive and those creators should avoid using it. It’s because some companies make payments in the form of a present or a gift.

2. They are not a present.

It is a so-called gift that is actually a branding strategy rather than a genuine gift. As a result, they all want to publicize their time and have the inventor do the same. Even if a firm does not have a clear responsibility, it is still required to examine and post services.

As a result, according to the ASA, time utilization from brands is a form of payment, not a gift!

3. You have a professional appearance!

Many people do not believe that creating Instagram content is a job, according to the creator. So, aside from putting in the effort to buy real Instagram followers uk, here are a few pointers.

Influencers all take selfies with new products and items to make them stand out. Do you want others to think of your post as a gift from someone? If not, don’t use the term gift! It is, nevertheless, your responsibility to educate the public about it by working professionally.

4. Don’t make your follower envious of you!

So you spend your hard-earned cash on Instagram content and followers who congratulate you on your efforts, but you occasionally make them feel inferior. Using the phrase “gift” in the title of the piece may cause your readers to become envious and lose interest in it. It is preferable to avoid terminology like gifted or present since social handling may be a poisonous platform that can lead to a variety of mental health difficulties.

5. Gifts that are deductible!

Yes, you heard me correctly! Do you aware that the ASA and the IRS do not regard a gift to be a payment? Benefits in payment are sometimes non-cashable or regarded as a part of your wage. As a result, gifts always fall under this category, and you must pay tax on them.

So, what do you do now? What about referring to any business as a PR product?

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We all see this word and might think that independence is all about the day we got freedom for our Country. And we all tell that we are a practical person. But what about independent in personal lives and are we really practical? Do you ever have this feeling or a question to yourself that “when will i stop relying?” This question might arise on your mind at different situations of your life. it might be when you re in a toxic relationship with someone when you want to just run away from the person. Or it might be when you are with your parents and they might behave over-protective. Many of you might have even felt confused seeing the topic,and what we are going to discuss here is a little unique because we are not using the literal meaning of independence.

for example ,when we use some sentences like “leave me alone” or “i don’t want to be dependent on someone” do we really mean all this? Maybe , those are the moments when we really want someone with us. We need to first understand the meaning of “independence” before you say it to someone else. So before diving into the topic, i would like to say the meaning of “practical independence.” Practical independence simply means not relying on anyone except ourselves in difficult times.

An independent person need not always isolate themselves from others or stay away from people to be independent. We can be in a really happy relationship but we might have a feeling that we dot get the space that we want or need.


Most of us would have been in a relationship where we might have been really talking or hanging out with the person. But we might feel so devastated when they become busy for a day or so.we might also feel that the love that the person has for us have been decreased. It would have literally been only 2-3 days but it might feel like 2-3 years for us. But when the same person continuously keeps checking our phones or when we want to spend some time with our friends and family, and this person keeps nagging us by always wanting attention we get angry. We might torture the person to act according to our values and standards but we can’t accept that when the same person does that to you.why does this happen?

the answer is because we aren’t dependent on ourselves. we often rely o someone’s private life so much that we forget to give them their space. we might want them to understand when we need some privacy. But we wouldn’t give that to the person we love! A practical person focuses on carrying out concrete actions, and they tend to achieve clearly useful objectives with more or less immediate reinforcement. Being practical in a relationship in many ways because we get the space that we need and we also end up giving the space that the others need.


All most all of us have this really bad issues with our families in our teenage. We might want to just run away from home or some might also feel depressed. In fact, an American study says that the suicide rate of teenagers are more in percentage than any other age group and most of theirs reasons are these. We might feel that we really want to be independent and we all want our parents to understand this. Many parents are so broad minded and they let their children do the things they dream of. But majority of parents end up forcing the child to live up to the societies standards and they expect the children to follow all these for the sake of the family’s prestige. So you might think what has “practical independence got to do with this!

Being practical in such situations of life might help us for our whole lifetime. At the moment of pressure or depression we might want to run away or even kill ourselves. We feel that no one understands us. But thinking practical enough, why should someone understand us? Everyone faces some problem or the other in their life. And anyone would definitely think about their own problems than other’s. So being practical in our darkest situation of our life really teach us that we mustn’t rely on anyone. Which automatically is what being dependent is all about. It is also important to be a good parent and teach your child about what being self-reliable and practical is.


Being practical is just being realistic. We watch all the movies and series and end up with an ideology of love that does not collaborate with reality at all. Nothing that happens in movies would really happen in reality because movies and books are just fantasies and creation of yet another human being who has been fascinated about the unrealistic world. So the ultimate idea of being independent is being practical.

Being practical is more important than being positive!

In a world filled with fantasy, It is natural that we all wonder and fantasize about so many things in our lives. but thinking in a worldly perspective would definitely make us understand that fantasies would always be a fantasy and that we got to accept the REALITY! Always depend on yourself and not others.

So its important to accept the reality for every good deed that has to happen in our lives. Being independent is really important in our lives because that is what makes us a person. And being practically independent is what is much more important because everyone is raise to be an independent person and not a victim of anything. BECAUSE MAKING YOURSELF A PRIORITY IS NOT SELFISH,BUT A NECESSITY.



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